Terms relevant to Domain Mapping in WordPress and their definitions.

A Record (DNS)

An A Record is a DNS Record Type that indicates the location of your website server. 

Addon Domain

An Addon Domain is a secondary domain added to your server. It can also serve as an Alias Domain if it’s rooted the same folder as the primary domain. 

Alias Domain

An Alias Domain is a domain that can serve as an alternative name for your primary website domain. 


At its most basic level, Apache is an open-source server-side software that processes actions on your server. It handles many actions on a server, like managing domains. 


Caching refers to a mechanism in which data is stored temporarily in order to serve it more quickly in the future. Internet browsers and web servers utilize caching to speed up the delivery of websites. 

CNAME Record (DNS)

A CNAME record is a DNS Record Type that indicates an Alias of another domain. 

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a service that utilizes globally distributed servers to deliver cached versions of a website more quickly to website visitors within the server’s region. 

DNS Record

DNS Records publicly identify services used by a domain, including the location of website servers (A Records), other services provided for that domain requiring an Alias (CNAME), email routing (MX), email spoofing prevention and deliverability (TXT), and more. Here is a full list of all the DNS Record Types

DNS Zone

The DNS Zone is where your DNS records are managed. The DNS Zone is specified by your Name Server Records. 

Domain Mapping

Domain Mapping is the ability to manage multiple domains and assigned them to display specific content from your website. 

Domain Name

A Domain Name is an alphanumeric string used to identify internet protocol addresses with a human-readable name. 

Domain Name System (DNS)

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the method used to direct different types of traffic for various services associated with your domain on the internet. 

Domain Registrar

A Domain Registrar is a company that sells domain names, allowing registration of a domain name by a company or individual. When purchasing a new domain, the Domain Registrar is often set as the default DNS Zone. 


Website hosting is a service that allows you to maintain your website on a server that is kept online as close to 100% of the time as possible. 


WordPress multisite is a network of WordPress websites that can each be managed individually from within the same Dashboard. Domains and user accounts can be assigned independently to each site on the network, while plugins and themes can be network activated or activated individually by each site. 

Name Server (NS) Records

Name Server records indicate the location of your DNS Zone, where all DNS Records for your domain should be managed. 


At its most basic level, NGINX is an open-source server-side software that processes actions on your server. It handles actions many actions on a server, like managing domains.


The Domain Scheme is the 1st part of a URL and indicates to a browser whether to access a secure or insecure version of a website on a server. E.g. – “https://” is the scheme in the URL “”

Second Level Domain

A Second Level Domain is the 3rd part of a URL, indicated by the unique string chosen by the purchaser of the domain. E.g. – “domainmappingsystem” is the Second Level Domain of the URL “”. This portion of the URL is commonly referred to as the domain name. 

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

SSL is the encryption method used by websites to ensure secure data transfer between the website server and the visitor’s browser. 


A server is a computer system used for the purpose of providing services or information on the internet, generally optimized for remaining online as close to 100% of the time as possible. 


A subdirectory is the 5th part of a URL and is any folder contained within the primary directory of a website. This usually appears as a trailing slash after the Top Level Domain (TLD) of a URL. E.g. – “/features/” is a subdirectory of the website “”


A Subdomain is the 2nd part of a URL and is a prefix of a website before the (second level) domain name. E.g. – “roadmap” is the subdomain of “”


A WordPress subsite is a website that is located within a network of other sites, like a multisite network. 

Top Level Domain (TLD)

A Top Level Domain is the 4th part of a  URL, indicated by a period, and then a combination of 2-3 letters. E.g. – “.com” is the Top Level Domain for “”


WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to create websites. 

WordPress Page Builder

A WordPress Page Builder is a tool that allows you to organize and manage the layout of content on a page. 

WordPress Plugin

A WordPress Plugin is an extension of the WordPress platform that offers any kind of enhanced functionality. 

WordPress Theme

A WordPress Theme is an extension of the WordPress platform that provides styling and layout components of all kinds.