Extended Support for Domain Mapping

What is Extended Support?

Extended support gives you a dedicated frontline support professional to help you 1-on-1.

Extended Support is best in cases where Priority Support is not sufficient to resolve the issue and allows one of our team members to jump in and make sure the issue gets resolved. 

Who should purchase Extended Support?

Extended Support is perfect for folks who:

  • have already paid for Priority Support and previously received assistance setting up at least one domain mapping, 
  • need assistance with configuration a second time in a new server environment since purchase, 
  • would like 1on1 dedicated assistance to resolve any issues, or
  • are using the free version of the plugin and struggling to configure their DNS or server. 
  • require additional complexity, such as configuration via CLI (command line interface). 

Please note: We still request that you follow our Troubleshooting Guide in order to receive Extended Support. 

Benefits of Extended Support:

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Have you tried our other resources?

Make sure you’ve already reviewed our documentation in detail. You can also join our Facebook group to ask for help from other users and experts on domain mapping.