Everything you need for domain mapping

Map unlimited domains to a single site

There’s no limit to the amount of domains you can map to your WordPress site. 

Add Unlimited Domain Map Entries

Create Subsites (group posts by domain)

Group posts and pages around a domain, allowing you to create “Subsites” for each of your domains. An excellent multisite alternative!

You can even designate a virtual homepage for each Subsite. 

Global Domain Mapping

Simply check a box to enable Global Domain Mapping – meaning that every URL on your site will now be delivered for your mapped domain. This saves time so you don’t have to select every single post on your site. 

Checkbox for "Global Domain Mapping (all pages will be served for your mapped domains)"

If you have multiple domains mapped, you can choose which one to set as the primary for unmapped pages:  

Map domains to any custom post type: Posts, Pages, Products, Archives, etc

Default post types, like Posts, Pages, Products, and Archives are supported, as well as Custom Post Types created by other plugins. 

Select Post for Domain
Type in a subdomain

Subdomain Mapping

Map subdomains to any post on your site, giving a distinct URL for any purpose, like landing pages, product pages, or signup forms. 

Subdirectory Mapping

Add as many subdirectories as you want (commonly known as “subpages”) to your mapped domains. 

Support for Query String Parameters

Query String Parameters supported (e.g. – UTM)

Whether using analytics or prefilling form fields, query string parameters are supported so data “passes-through” the mapped domain to your primary domain. 

Force site visitors to mapped domains

Want to protect your primary domain URLs? Just check a box to ensure users are forced to view the mapped domain of a post. 

URL Bar Forcing Visitor to Mapped Domain
Sites1, 3, or 25 sitesUnlimited sites
PricingStarting at $6.99/month
$59/year or $179/life
Map unlimited domains to a single site
Map domains to any custom post type: Posts, Pages, Products, Archives, etc
Global Domain Mapping - (1-click to map all posts/pages on your site)
Create Subsites - (Group posts/pages by domain)
Force site visitors to mapped domains
Subdomain mapping
Subdirectory mapping
Support for Query string parameters (e.g. – UTM)
Customer Support
Documentation & email support
Priority live chat & 1on1 support
100% Satisfaction Guarantee Badge

100% Satisfaction Guarantee  – If you’re not happy with the plugin, just contact support and request a refund within 30 days. 

We’ll do our best to resolve any problems or issue a refund. We may also request feedback so we can do better for the next customer!)


Was looking for a plugin for mapping domains in a "point A to B" easy fashion, so our clients could do it themselves. Domain Mapping System does just that - A+ in my book. Had a few issues with preserving query string, but plugin devs fixed in a matter of days. If you need reliable domain mapping - this is the plugin for you.
STEP Digital
Ad Agency


Saved me from an early grave as I was trying to maintain an old subdomain for the blog and the root domain for the site, with this I could do it! Thanks a lot for the work you have done!!
via WordPress.org


This worked perfectly in the case of having a main company site with landing pages for products using specific domain names. Compared to MU this plugin was much faster and easier.
Chris Cash
via WordPress.org

More Features Coming soon

Assign domains to users

When users are registered to your site, force them to navigate using a mapped domain. 

Theme per domain

Activate a different theme for each domain. 

Multisite support

Allow subsites on your multisite network to map their own domains. 

Onboard users w/ Custom Domains

Allow subsites on your multisite network to map their own domains.