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8 votes

Menu per Domain

Show a different menu for each domain on mapped pages.

5 votes

Allow matching slugs for subpages

Subpages can have the same slug. Remapped: (Mapped to page_1, will load content of both contact pages) (Mapped to page_2, will load content of both contact pages)

5 votes

BuddyBoss/BuddyPress Integration

Allow BuddyBoss/BuddyPress Platform members to have a custom domain mapped to their member’s profile pages in the BuddyBoss/BuddyPress Platform. The “Domain Mapping System” plugin can give users a sense of identity, like having their micro-site collaborate in the shared social networking platform run on a single WordPress installed.

3 votes

User Session Sync

Unfortunately (as of now) when a user signs up/in to any mapped domain, the user session doesn’t sync between the different mapped domains. All mapped domains should sync the user session (login/logout) so that when you for example signup/login on you’re automatically signedup/logged in to Ideally there would be a setting in “Domain… Continue reading User Session Sync

Under Review
3 votes

Integrate with wp ultimo

Hi. I research for map domain to page solution and found that your plugin is the best solution. But it will be the best if integrate with wp ultimo ( auto add domain to hosting panel ) and multisite. Many people fine a way to make waas with wp ultimo. The plugin will super fit… Continue reading Integrate with wp ultimo

2 votes


Integrate it with this plugin in order to assign a different domain to each translation, similarly to Polylang.